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Tram in Kauppatori, Helsinki, Finland

The 3T tram runs in a figure of eight around some of the top tourist sights of Helsinki. This enhanced audio guide has been developed to supply an audio and visual commentary for this journey. Catch the tram and play this recording on an iPod, MP3 player or portable audio player to experience the sights and sounds of this historic vibrant city.

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Tips and Advice

  • 3T route change. The 3T route has changed.
  • Visit the Helsinki City Tourist & Convention Bureau in person to pick up a 3T sightseeing leaflet to accompany this tour or download and print it. The tram stops and highlights listed on the leaflet match the audio guide. The included map will also help you find your way.
  • The 3T tram route starts and finishes on the corner of Kauppatori, the market square on the sea front and lasts about one hour.
  • There is a short introduction at the start of the recording, listen to this before you start your journey to learn how the guide works.
  • Pause the recording whilst the tram is stationary including at tram stops and traffic lights. This will ensure the best possible timing for the tour.
  • Using this guide outside of rush hour will mean less stopping and starting.
  • Make sure you have an appropriate ticket before boarding the tram or purchase one from the driver at the front. Ticket Information.
  • I recommend sitting on the right of the tram (facing forward) if possible. This will allow you to check which tram stops and sites you are passing more easily.
  • Keep an eye out for passing tram stops. The tram may not stop at every stop. Especially after stop 27 the stops are smaller and less noticable.
  • If you think the journey has become out of sync with the recording use the on-tram displays to see which stop is coming up next. Also use the photos and the accompaning leaflet to help find your location on the route. The stop numbers on the leaflet match the chapter and stop numbers on the recording.
  • If you are using an iPod with a click wheel, press the center button twice to view the enhanced photos full screen.
  • Please email me if you can add any advice to this list. We value your feedback.

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